Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG

“Sagrantino is a multifaceted grape, with the highest number of polyphenols among the varieties known in the world, with rough tannins that can only be mitigated by the long aging in glass. We age it for 5 years instead of 3 years, offering a ready to drink wine.

Colour: Very intense ruby red, impenetrable by light, consistent.

Aroma: decidedly broad nose: from blackberry jam, varietal expression of Sagrantino, to black pepper, passing through vegetable facets, memories of cocoa and coffee, balsamic notes, pipe tobacco.

Taste:The robustness of the wine is perceived, the freshness is remarkable, the tannin is straigh, ready to face a long aging. Soft, like all the company’s wines, it has a sweet finish and an unforgettable persistence.

Food matches: Structured dishes, important meats, game. Alone to meditate.

Production: 25,000 bottles

Grapes: Sagrantino

Harvest: Manual 2nd and 3rd decade of October

Selection: Manual on three vibrating tables

Aging: Steel, wood and glass for 5 years

Longevity of the wine: Over 15 years

Alcoholic content: 15% vol.

Serving temperature: 18 ° – 20 ° C